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It’s a story of Love for us …. Love for all the fur-babies in our lives!

As founders of the PawsNPlay team, Katrina & Jarryd knew they wanted to care for the wonderful animal-babies in everyone’s lives and to bring this same joy to everyone who wanted it.

Their experience and qualifications means they are perfect to nurture their professional team to ensure PawsNPlay excels in all areas of Pet Care.   Katrina holds a Bachelor of Science with Wildlife Biology and Jarryd has grown up with animals and worked in PawsNPlay Pet Care Services for over 4 years.




PawsNPlay is a wonderful, enriching environment for everyone – human and animal.  All employees are fully trained so you consistently receive the highest level of service, irrespective of which team member is caring for your pets.  If you need to be away from your fur-babies, are on holidays or simply extra busy, your family pets will receive extra care from a team of dedicated professionals who will love them like you do.

Every team member undergoes a police check so you are assured your home is in the safest of care.  You know the person entering your home is trustworthy.  PawsNPlay takes care of this vital screening process to save you the time and effort trying to do this yourself.  Access and key security is also taken care of with a reliable LockBox system to ensure only the approved team members can enter your home.  Your security is paramount.

In the unlikely event something unfortunate occurs, you can be confident that PawsNPlay will take care of you and your pets.  With $10 million Public Liability cover, any claims will be taken care of on your behalf. Transport of pets is covered also if a vet visit is required.

The Simple-to-use cloud based online portal allows you to log in, arrange your pet sit appointments and pay invoices at a time that suits you.  Our customers are busy people, just like you, so being able to take care of these arrangements outside regular business hours provides a level of convenience that is appreciated by all.  Because it is a streamlined system, the process is swift so you can get back to your family, activities and fur-babies very quickly.  You can leave instructions regarding your pet’s requirements for the PawsNPlay team on the portal also, ensuring that they are not forgotten or missed as the Pet Carer can view everything through their SmartPhone App.  You will never need to stress about whether the medication details are remembered or special food requirements are noted.  The portal has the ability for sitters to check-in through a GPS-tracked feature, so you know when they are there and for how long.  You will always have full confidence in the service you receive from PawsNPlay.

As a fully registered business, the entire team is committed to reliability and professionalism and offer a guarantee that your PawsNPlay Pet Care Service will never be missed.  Should your allocated team member not be available unexpectedly, another fully-trained team member will fulfil the requirements.  You can rest easy while on holiday or at work, assured that your fur-baby’s needs are being attended to.  No more worry about “what if” the pet sitter can’t make it.

Committed to providing an optimum complete Pet Care service, PawsNPlay also offers premium pet foods, treats and accessories through our online store.  With these, you never need to be concerned whether your pet products are of the highest quality.  We have done the research for you.

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Whether it’s needing someone to take the pups for some daily exercise or checking the pets have a fresh supply of water and food, or sourcing highest quality pet products for you, the wonderful PawsNPlay team are ready to help you.

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