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Pet Sitting

It’s HOLIDAY time!!!  Yay!! Everyone’s looking forward to it.

   Transport booked
   Accommodation booked
√   Tours and Sightseeing booked

???  WOOF??  MEOW???  TWEET??  CHIRP??
What to do with the beloved fur-babies while you are on holidays?
Fortunately, we have the solution for you.
Pet Sitting is a fantastic alternative for Pet Care when you’re away.  Your pets are cared for in the comfort of their own home, safe in their familiar environment.
You can be confident that exposure to other animal’s illnesses will be minimised and your pets will be less likely to fret because they won’t have unsettling pecking order issues with other pets they’ve not met before.

Sunshine Cost Pet Sitting and Dog Boarding

Even if it is just for a weekend, it is vital that you have someone visit your home to check on your pets.  Unfortunately, pets left alone, with “plenty of food and water” but no-one to check on them sometimes come to harm.  Their water bowl may get knocked over and dehydration can occur.  They may injure themselves which goes unnoticed until your return.  Pet Sitting allows you to travel happily knowing your pets are well cared for.

Your professional PawsNPlay Pet Sitter is police-checked for your peace of mind, so there are no security concerns.  The Key LockBox is managed securely so no-one else has access to your home.  We can check the mail and do a brief security check of the home while we are there as well.  You can meet the Pet Sitter so you know who will be entering your home. Occasionally, due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, your appointed sitter may not be able to attend.  You can be confident with PawsNPlay’s Guarantee, that one of our other professional sitters will be there to ensure your pet’s needs and the security of your home are attended to.