Paws 'n' Play has been operating on the Sunshine Coast since 2014. We have provided mobile dog walking and pet sitting services to over 400 fur babies, feather babies and beyond, in the comfort of their own homes. 

After working as an employee for Paws 'n' Play for over two years, Steph emerged as our new pack leader in the year 2020. Ever since Steph was a little girl it has been her dream to work with and care for animals. She has her own beautiful Golden Retriever named Archie so she understands just how important and integral the family pet is, therefore loving and spoiling every pet as if they were her own.

Owning and running Paws 'n' Play is a dream come true for an animal lover like Steph. She is incredibly dedicated and very passionate about providing exceptional care to her fur-clients and gaining new friendships with their humans. Part of Steph's dream was to expand Paws 'n' Play's services to include pet adventures and pet wedding/events assistance, and to develop a product line. 

Less than 1 year later, Steph had achieved some of her service expansion goals and in September 2022 Paws n Pals, our line of quality apparel for pets and their people, was officially launched!

Steph and her best friend, who is also a loving dog mum, had been working on these products and the creation of Paws 'n' Pals together since late 2021. The two are undoubtedly both dedicated to their 4-legged friends and would love to share their passion with other fur-parents. It’s completely acceptable for adults to match with their children, so why not match with our furry family members too? 

These two managed to combine their passion for animals, a whole lot of creativity and some entrepreneurial skills together to create some pretty gnarly ideas. Now this pupper-lovin duo is ready to bring their awesome ideas to life and share with the world what they feel has been missing from the market for pets and their people, especially those who enjoy a coastal lifestyle.

  • Steph with her beloved golden retriever, Archie


Paws 'n' Play

To provide the best of care, when you're not there!

Paws 'n' Pals

To develop products of comfort, durability, quality and safety so that pets and their people can share their love and style together.


  • CARE

    We always have the safety and wellbeing of your pets at the forefront of our minds while walking them, visiting them or creating products for them.

  • FUN

    Having fun is what life's all about! When we visit your pets we make sure they have a great time and will always look forward to seeing us again.

    Our original product designs are created in-house and are a great way to share the fun with you and your fur-babies


    We believe that pets should be comfortable with their sitter/walker and also while wearing their collars and accessories. 


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