Dog Walking

Exercise is vital for us all for good health, and that goes for our dogs as well. There is no doubt that our lives also seem to be getting busier and busier. When you arrive home from a busy day, perhaps running kids to and from after-school activities, or it might be dinner and bath time (crazy time in many households); the motivation to take the dog for a walk might be lacking.

Instead, it might be a quick walk up the street and back with a promise for a longer walk tomorrow …. But unfortunately, the same scenario repeats, and you feel guilty that your beloved fur-baby isn’t getting the exercise and attention you desperately want to give. Perhaps you are simply unable to physically walk your dog due to illness or injury. Your dog is a fabulous companion, but still needs that exercise to meet their health needs.

Vital Exercise For Your Fur-Friend

Studies have shown that regular exercise for your dog is absolutely vital for health and longevity.

Take The Stress Out

When you get Pawsnplay to walk your pup, you take the stress out. Remembering and finding the energy too walk your fur-friend can be exhausting, especially if you have children or have a demanding job.

Walking Helps Eliminating Barking And Howling

If Your dog barks, howls or generally makes a annoyance of him or her self while you are not around, then walking is a great way to get out that built up energy and loneliness.

Police Checked

All of our professional walkers are police checked and thoroughly interviewed for you and you pet's security.

Fully Insured

All of our professional walkers are fully insured. Just so you have extra piece of mind. Covers pets and 3rd parties.

Visit Updates

After every walk we send a SMS or email to you so you can see what your fur-baby has been up to! This includes GPS information, notes and a picture.