• Police Checked

    All of our professional dog walkers are police checked and thoroughly interviewed for you and your pet's security.

  • Fully Insured

    All of our Paws 'n' Play professionals are fully insured, police checked and GPS tracked for your peace of mind.

  • Visit Updates

    After every walk we send an update repport so you can see what your fur-baby has been up to! This includes GPS information, notes and photos.

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Paws 'n' Play private adventure walks are perfect for those dogs who may be a little more shy and nervous around other dogs and aren't quite ready to be interacting as a group but still loves an adventure! 


Paws 'n' Play Group Walks are for the pups who love meeting new people and other furry-friends, and shine bright under the attention of anyone and everyone. This will also instill good behaviour.


Dogs love stimulation with new sights, sounds, smells, humans and other animals! This kind of stimulation is so incredibly important for your dog and will encourage your dog to interact with their environment and to develop and use their natural skills and breed-specific behaviours.

Prior to going on any adventure walk, we will meet with you and your pooch to ensure that our service meets your expectations and the needs of your dog.